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Landscape projects in all phases of design - conceptual, technical and detailed design. Coordination in regional public institutions, preparation of details for flooring and architectural elements, 3D visuals, colorful shapes, roof, vertical and interior landscaping, arrangements, decoration with flowers.

For inquiries, please contact our Head of Landscaping Department:
Rosen Bayraktarov
+359 899 81 25 21

Designing your garden requires not only the necessary knowledge and skills but also a sufficient number of highly qualified specialists who are capable of turning your garden from a desolate place into a paradise. To achieve this kind of effect RVT Stil offers you preparation of terrain and drainage, installation of irrigation systems, planting vegetation, selection and planting of suitable grass mixture and laying of grass sods, shaping rock recesses, rockeries, colorful figures and patio tile-trails.

Good knowledge of vegetation, environmental and technological requirements helps us keep sites in perfect condition. We offer single visit and subscriptions.

Maintenance of lawns:
  • check32mowing
  • check32verticutter
  • check32aeration
  • check32rolling
  • check32treatment with chemical agents
  • check32fertilization
Maintain on vegetation:
  • check32pruning of trees, shrubs and hedges
  • check32weeding
  • check32entrenchment
  • check32fertilization
  • check32replacement of dry vegetation
  • check32treatment of plants with necessary chemical agents against weeds, diseases and pests
Winter preparation of an irrigation systems:
  • check32prophylaxis
  • check32cleaning valves
  • check32air purging the system
  • check32regulation of sprinklers
  • check32programming controllers
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